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Compile your PHP code

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Facebook shared their PHP to C++ code translator called HipHop that opens up a possibility to compile your code using gcc. Facebook reports that it can fasten up your code up to 50%. Moreover, it’s free!

However, HipHop has it’s drawbacks (some of the are good features, not drawbacks):

  • No Windows support (great!)
  • No eval() and create_function() support (that’s also great)
  • Lots of modules are unsupported at the moment
  • Some other minor drawbacks (e.g. function_exists() might not work the way you expect it to work)

In any case – it is worth a try. Grab HipHop here.

Some analytics on HipHop from Marco Tabini, Ilia Alshanetsky

Written by Alexei Shulga

February 7th, 2010 at 7:29 am

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